Thursday, April 11, 2013

57A. PDRM - Any more fights recently???

Is this report true when PDRM says no more fights??   Joshua


April 9 2013
Idjirani said  that fighting between the Royal Sulu Sabah Security Force and the Malaysian security forces erupted in Sabah on the nights of April 6 and 7 in Tanjung Batu, a village in Lahad Datu. He said 12 to 13 Malaysians killed or Injured suffered “heavy casualties.”
He said the recent arrival of the “RSSF volunteer fighters” was a “signal” to the Malaysian government that the sultanate would now press for its claim over its “Ancestral right over Sabah North Borneo”
“They provoked us, and now we are going beyond our initial demand, that we want to live in peace on our land,” Idjirani said.
“The sultanate’s demand now is to recognize our ancestral right,” he added.
According to Idjirani, fighting between the ROYAL SULU SABAH FORCE (RSSF) and Malaysian forces took place on the night of April 6 and 7. He claimed that the Malaysians suffered “heavy casualties” while there were no reported injuries or deaths among the “RSSF volunteer fighters.”

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